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Raffles Family Office is a Multi-Family Office and Independent Asset Manager. We specialise in asset management, wealth management and legacy planning, and our prime value proposition is creating true values for our clients. We partner with best-of-breed private banks, insurance companies, international brokers and independent fund and securities houses. And we also have strong relationships with immigration companies, tax advisors and lawyers, independent trustees and other service providers globally, ensuring we cover all aspects of family governance and family constitutions end-to-end.

At Raffles, we are people first, people who can think beyond a label. Today, we provide a wide range of Family Office solutions – asset management, insurance, properties & financing – this list may change, but we will always be ahead of tomorrow. How we manage wealth and what we can do for our clients is the difference that Raffles can deliver.

Signed off by Chiman Kwan
CEO & Founder of Raffles Family Office
– June 2016

Incorporated and based in Hong Kong, RFO is the holding company of Raffles Assets Management – a holder of the Type 4 & 9 licence issued by the Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong (SFCHK); Raffles Capital Holdings Limited – a registered member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) and Raffles Properties – a registered member of the Estate Agents Authority (EAA) of Hong Kong; Raffles Corporate Service Limited – Licenced by Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) of Hong Kong.

RFO is also incorporated in Singapore since 1 October 2018 and holds the Capital Market Services Licence (CMSL) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Independent Asset Management

Raffles Asset Management focuses on delivering risk-adjusted performance according to the investment mandate of our clients. We represent our clients and we have relationships with 15 custodian banks in these 4 jurisdictions (Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Wealth Management

We ensure that your nest eggs grow and are protected for your children and grandchildren. Legacy planning starts with laying a solid foundation. We work with both onshore and offshore insurance companies, international brokers, trustees, foundations to provide structures for legacy planning.

Family Office Solutions

Besides asset management and wealth management, we provide the full suite of family office solutions such as residency planning, high-end medical, overseas education, alternative and direct investments, corporate services, sale of properties, financing of properties, yachts and aircrafts, legal and tax advisory and the list goes on.



We are an independent organisation, acting in the best interests of our valued clients.


We are purpose-driven. We understand our clients’ needs and develop tailored solutions for them.


We offer a breadth and depth of services, and go above and beyond to sustain the level of personal attention and deep client relationships that is only possible at a tight-knitted organisation.

Holistic Reporting

We partner with Canopy to provide our clients with a clear and comprehensive overview of their portfolios across multiple asset classes and custodian banks.

Tax Incentive on VCC

We are proud to be one of the 20 fund managers which has adopted the game-changing VCC in Singapore as part of our fund strategy and have applied for the 13R tax incentive on our VCC structure.

Proprietary Products

We have our Private Label Funds (PLFs) as well as Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)
custodised in private banks.


Chi Man Kwan

Position: CEO & Founder

Chi Man Kwan

CEO & Founder

Ray Tam

Position: Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Ray Tam

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Jaydee Lin

Position: Managing Partner

Jaydee Lin

Managing Partner

Kendrick Lee

Position: Managing Partner

Kendrick Lee

Managing Partner

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