Strengthening our family dispute risk offering

Introducing Raffles Family Office Independent Advisory Board

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work as a leading Asian multi-family office is helping families, each with their unique stories and histories, safeguard and grow their fortunes earned through years of hard work and perseverance. No less profound, however, are the stories of intricate disputes and unforeseen conflicts families encounter as they embark on the journey of legacy planning. Intergenerational wealth transfer in the ultra-high net worth space is more often than not a deeply complex matter. The safe and smooth passage of funds often relies on a family’s success in resolving differences in multiple areas, from financial interests, asset ownership and distribution, to investment and business decisions and philanthropic activities. At Raffles Family Office (RFO), we have seen how disputes and conflicts resulting from these matters can lead to lost value, but also the immeasurable loss it broken bonds, damaged relationships and frayed emotions. For these reasons, managing and mitigating family disputes are among the most important things we do as a business.

The ability to navigate these risks is in fact one of the key attractions to engaging a multi-family office such as ours, which prides itself on offering highly bespoke solutions. As such, clients not only receive informed financial advice, but also advice on managing the personalities, preferences and peculiarities within a complicated family structure in a way that helps them retain and growth their wealth. And it was with this in mind that we selected the inaugural members of our Independent Advisory Board (IAB), a new body of external advisors that we created to support the management of wealth within complex family structures and pursuit of philanthropic endeavors for our clients.

Advisor to Asia’s most trusted household name

Christina Lau joins the IAB from a background in professional consulting, having advised multiple businesses within the banking, asset management, insurance, real estate and TMT industries for over 20 years. Christina is currently a Board Advisor of Infinitus Property Investment of LeeKumKee Health Product Group, with a focus on Risk Management and Resilience. She is also a Board Advisor of the Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce on Operational Risk, and the Honorary Risk Management Advisor for the Asian CEO Community.

Change-maker in every sense

David Chang brings with him extensive experience not only as a banking and finance industry veteran, but as an active contributor to local community work. Mr Chang is currently the Senior Advisor to Franklin Templeton in the Greater China region, where he was previously CEO and Regional Head of Greater China. Mr Chang also holds leadership roles at Hong Chi Association, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong dedicated to serving people of all ages and all grades with intellectual disabilities.

Governance as a support mechanism

In working through complex situations, the expertise of our relationship managers and IAB members will always be paramount – but agreements and protocols can also help save a world of hassle. For that reason, RFO also supports its clients with a full suite of governance solutions, ranging from the development of family constitutions to the creation and management of investment governance guidelines.

About Christina Lau

A former risk assurance partner at PricewaterhouseCooper and Deloitte, Christina has over 15 years of IT Management experience and 20 years of professional consulting experience. She has advised numerous companies in the banking, asset management, insurance, telecom, technology and real estate sectors and has specialised in the areas of enterprise risk management; resilience; internal auditing; due diligence; project risk management; business and technology alignment; and governance, risk and compliance.

Christina has worked in Beijing, Macau and Sydney as well as Hong Kong, where she currently based and provides advisory services related to ESG and resilience matters, among others.

She is presently a board advisor at LeeKumKee Health Product Group’s Infinitus Property Investment, where she focuses on risk management and resilience; concurrently advises the board of the Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce on Operational Risk; and is an honorary risk management advisor for the Asia CEO Community.

Beyond her solid education credentials, Christina holds multiple industry certifications as follows: CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), CGEIT (Governance of Enterprise IT), CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control), CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer), ITIL (foundation certificate in IT service management) and ISO27000/ BS7799 Lead Auditor.

She is a CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), CGEIT (Governance of Enterprise IT), CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control), CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer), ITIL (foundation certificate in IT service management) and ISO27000/ BS7799 Lead Auditor.

About David Chang

David is currently a senior advisor to Franklin Templeton in the Greater China Region, where he previously held the role of CEO & Regional Head, Greater China, and had a tenure of over 20 years. He has also held supervisory roles at various special educational needs schools for over a decade.

An agile leader with world-class experience in global banking, trust services, multinational asset management and NGO operations, David is a financial services industry veteran.

His track record of successfully steering multi-cultural, multi-geographical teams to formulate and implement strategic plans that ensure business growth and development is well documented.

This background, together with his stellar reputation, adaptable nature, multi-lingual communications abilities and proven ability to coordinate and delegate tasks to achieve complex business goals while also mentoring younger executives to do the same, has made him one of the most sought after advisers in the Asia-Pacific region.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in education from the Open University Hong Kong.

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